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Welcome to Arnold, Ca
Gateway to the Big Trees

When deciding on the right location for this retreat, we felt that it was important to have a location that was peaceful, intimate, beautiful and personal to both of us.  After searching many locations that wasn't working out, we were guided to a location that immediately felt right.

Arnold sits in the county of Calaveras along highway 4.  It is known for its 'Big Trees' and rich history.  There is nothing more picturesque than Arnold in the fall season.  The landscape is filled with rich colors of orange, yellow, greens and reds. We will be surrounded by tall redwoods, running rivers and vast mountains in this California town.  Wendi and I can't think of a better way to enter into this fall season than to have a retreat with all of you in Arnold. 

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What to Expect | How to be Prepared

If you have never attended a spiritual retreat before, it is important to understand the in's and out's of what to expect.  Spiritual retreats are completely different from one another.  The energy, activated healing and aha moments you receive  you receive from a retreat will vary.  It is dependent upon certain things:

  1. Whether or not the client is open to the entire experience.

  2. The intention that is set upon the retreat itself.

  3. The energies built through all individuals who attend the retreat.

  4. The modalities used during the retreat which can help deepen the entire connection and experience for the client.  


The intention of our Deep Retreat is to dive deep, go inward and activate spiritual healing.  There will be a lot of energy movement that will be happening through the emotional and physical plane.  You will not only be doing this work as an individual, but collectively as a group. As a group, our energy will build over the weekend and it will impact one another naturally.  It truly is a bonding experience that you won’t forget.

There are things that can come up during the retreat.  It is best to understand these things prior to booking:

  • You will have many emotions leading up to the retreat, during and after the event.  This is completely normal.  You will feel an array of emotions that come and go throughout the days of the retreat.   

  • During the retreat, you will find that certain individuals will stand out to you for no apparent reason.  You may connect with their story, fears, hopes and dreams.  There may even be individuals that can even trigger emotions deep within you that you may have known were hidden.  This experience is known as “Spiritual Mirror work.”  

  • This is a “group” retreat.  This means that as a group, you will receive readings and coaching together.  We will openly discuss things in front of one another which can feel raw, vulnerable and personal.  This retreat is to help you learn to let go and trust that as women, we can come together and support each other as we deepen the connection to ourself.  These group discussions will help one another to feel seen, loved, supported and will become your biggest bonding experience.  

  • You will feel exhausted and hungry throughout the retreat and even days after.  Remember, as we do energy work, our bodies require nourishment on all levels.  This means rest, eat, and drink lots of water to ensure you are supporting yourself during the weekend. 

Please note, there are other Terms and Conditions that we suggest to read prior to booking. To read them, click the button below:



We know that this retreat is going to be amazing, life changing and will create BIG SHIFTS for all who attend.  If you are ready to activate deep healing and change in your life, then we are ready to have you at this retreat.  We are here to support you, help you during this beautiful journey.


All packages below include the following:

  • Accommodations from October 20th - October 22nd

  • Meals

    • Lunch provided on arrival day

    • Breakfast & Lunch will be provided on second day

    • Breakfast will be provided day of departure

  • Daily Yoga with Wendi Phillips

  • Daily Led Group Discussions w/ Meditations

  • Group Spiritual Coaching with Elaina K

  • Light Cleansing & Reiki with Elaina K

  • Light Intuitive Group Reading 

What is NOT included in the packages below:

  • Dinners from October 20th - October 22nd

    • The town of Murphy's is 15 minutes away and there will be time to grab dinner​

  • Transportation to and from the retreat location


  • All packages are first come, first serve

  • 50% of your package is required to be paid by September 9, 2023

  • Remaining balance must be paid by October 1st, 2023

  • After September 16th, the price of your room is non-refundable

    • Details are ​in each package when you click the reserve button

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