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A Space for you to tap into your Inner Wisdom

Each month we gather together to create a beautiful space where we are able to shut down the outside world and connect deep with our Inner Wisdom.  Our days are filled with stress, errands, events to attend, and so much more.  Our world has become so accustomed to filling each hour with so much to do that we forget to honor ourselves.  I wanted to create a circle that allowed us to slow down, breathe and become ONE again. 


What you can expect during our 2 Hr. Circles

  • Connect with our Spirit Team

  • Release and Receive Energy Work

  • Call Back our Power

  • Receive personal guidance from Spirit and hear messages that will help guide you back to your center.

  • Sound Bowl Healing

  • Group Discussion

  • Be part of an amazing Community

My INTENTION  is to provide a safe space to

  • Honor Who We Are

  • Re-Connect with our Inner Home, Wisdom and Truth

  • Listen to our Inner Voice

  • Be in Flow

  • Embrace Imperfection

  • Become Vulnerable

  • Practice Trust

*All monthly circles take place in Elaina's office in Benicia.  

Women at the night ceremony. Ceremony space.jpg

 In a world where people are divided, and judgement and comparison exist, I would like to spark a new light and energy where we celebrate each other.

I honor YOU

I see YOU

I celebrate YOU

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