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My Intuitive Mediumship Readings is one of my most popular services that I offer. With this service, I will connect with your personal Energy, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Loved ones to help deliver guidance on an array of situations in your life.  As I connect with my Guides, your Spiritual Team, and the assistance from my Oracle and Tarot cards, we will dive deep in understanding the energies of your current life situation, any blocks or resistance that may be released, and guidance on how you can connect and align in your life right now.  

It is important to remember that every person in life has what is called "FREE WILL" and the information from Intuitive Readings can change.  Not everything is set in stone.  It is up to the client to receive the information that is given and to make their own free will choices based upon what messages they receive during a reading.

Regardless of the reading, I will tune in to Spirit, shuffle my cards, and trust to receive the messages you need to hear from the Universe.  I believe in this process for it has always worked and has always given me a clear and concise reading for all my clients.


My intention always is for you to come away from your readings understanding what it is you need to "work" on in your current life situation and a clear understanding of what the Universe needs you to know.  

*Please note, I prefer to know "nothing" prior to your reading and do not focus on one area or a specific question.  This allows for you to feel confirmed that the information that is coming through is guidance being delivered from Spirit and your loved ones. 

Now offering Gift Certificates.  Purchase Here!

NEW!  You can now schedule Follow-Up  to dive deeper after their sessions

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Watch my Previous Work to Learn How my Readings Work
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