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I have been seeking Elaina's advice going on 3 years now. Elaina is an amazing women with great energy and insight. 

So far on my spiritual journey I have had many readings and a few energetic cleansings. Each reading I have had with Elaina 

she has inspired me to take true guided steps in my spiritual path. These steps, in turn, has made me stronger in my own 

spiritual walk and understanding. All I can say it is not just a reading but true consulting as to where you want to go in life.

As for the cleansings those have been very life changing. Clearing out old thoughts, feelings and patterns are highly recommended 

to all. It's like "Spring Cleaning" for the soul. 

 ~ Jessica R.    

The first time I contacted Elaina was in 2014. It was my first reading ever. What she revealed was a truth that I was not ready to accept. I was living a life that was out of alignment and did  not know it. As life moved forward, I found myself at a crossroads juggling a failing marriage, home life and career. I was yearning for joy, clarity, guidance and spirituality. I contacted Elaina again in 2017. I was ready and committed to healing and well-being. Since then I’ve had consistent readings and spiritual cleanses over the years. Each one has been unique and pivotal in my transformation, growth, health and quality of life. Elaina provides a safe and sacred environment. She cares about all of her clients and has a calming and nurturing energy. Her intuitive energy healing practice has helped me live in spiritual alignment, clear my own energy blocks that hold me back from manifesting my dreams and step into my own light. Today, I live a life of  alignment, clarity, joy, gratitude and abundance. I am indebted to her for helping me manifest the life I want while honoring my true self.


Elaina is a combination of a warm, loving, new age guide coupled with a hard a** gym team teacher that makes you run extra spiritual laps to offset the bad energy you’ve been manifesting - whether you realize you’ve been manifesting it or not.  


Her no-nonsense approach and practical advice on how to “shake it up” has been constructive for me during some challenging months.  I appreciate how she held me accountable for how I was unconsciously contributing to my frustrations, illuminating things I couldn’t see and bringing together what’s happening in my life seamlessly.  I’ve been to many spiritual healers through the years, and Elaina is one I will continue to come back to in the future. 

~Elissa S.



"Working with Elaina has been transformative.  Her spiritual abilities are very powerful and come so naturally to her.  Instantly she connects with you on a deep level from the first time you contact her.  The guidance she offers has empowered and changed the path of my life in dramatic and positive ways.  She has taught me to harness the power of the universe to manifest my hopes and dreams.  She has also taught me to tap into my inner peace.  I am now able to calm my mind and body and trust in what is meant to be.  Both of these skills have proven invaluable in my health and well-being, career, relationships and life goals.  For this and much more, she has my eternal gratitude."


~ Adrianna M.   

Since senior year of high school I have come to Elaina for readings in search of guidance, good energy, answers, and stress relief. Each session I am amazed by her talent and feel overwhelming relief as her readings exceed my hopes. Elaina is extremely warm, caring, welcoming, and professional.  Each time I have sat with her has been a time in my life or college career where I felt overwhelmed with stress, sadness, anger, anxiety, and confusion. Immediately I am calmed by Elaina's peaceful energy and friendly smile. I now feel relief before the session even begins because I know I will feel better after she reads my cards. There is no smoke and mirrors, she will shuffle a deck, ask u to even shuffle and cut the deck yourself, and then she proceeds to interpret your cards with her manual. Her skills and each reading are indescribable. For me, each time I have been read, different cards are drawn, and somehow they seem to pinpoint the questions I have and my main concerns each time. Without telling Elaina any of my current worries beforehand, she not only accurately determines what they are, but how I feel, how they are impacting my life, how others perceive my feelings, and together we usually discover what the best decision is for me. I would and have recommended my friends and family to Elaina, and I continue to do so. Even though each reading is completely different, I have witnessed my mother also receive several readings, we both leave our sessions feeling lighter, relieved, happy, and grateful to Elaina. 

Also, Elaina is happy to explain further, dig deeper, ask questions, check with you etc. to better understand how you feel about the information and assess how she can help YOU. 

I will continue to use Elaina as my spiritual healer for as long as she will let me. She is perfect for people new to spirituality or anyone looking to find guidance for themselves or loved ones. 

~Zoe D. 

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