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Having the fortunate experience of being born into a family who studied Buddhism, I was surrounded by chanting, meditation, and working with the laws of nature from the very beginning.  At a very young age, my curiosity about spirit and working with nature led me to a spiritual awakening that would begin my life long journey in this field.    

Growing up in a Christian and Catholic town, naturally fed my curiosity about other religions beside Buddhism. I started attending church on a regular basis despite my mother’s strong beliefs and became highly passionate about seeking my own personal religious truth.  I was always aware of a higher being and my own personal connection to spirit but wanted to experience the Holy Spirit that I was learning about.  My curiosity became an intense passion and I became more in tuned with this new religious path.  Soon I became baptized which led me to experience a relationship with God that I always wanted to have.  But soon after I became aware of how many of the church-goers became harsh in their words and feelings towards my Buddhist upbringing and my confusion and hurt set in.  These experiences started to pull me away and I then started to question my connection to God that I thought I had. 
After graduating high school, I entered the Air Force and was extremely blessed to have traveled to distant places such as Germany, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, France, Spain, etc.  One of the most important assignments that I had was my last assignment to New Mexico.  It was there that I started to experience my connection to my Native American blood…Choctaw Indian.  I traveled many times in the mountains, hiked, and sat a lot with nature.  During some of these meditative states, is when I started the shift.  Something rattled that spiritual experience that had been hidden since I was thirteen and had been awakened once again.  It was during this time, that I began to work with tarot as an individual.  I have in the past been read to but had never been confident to become a reader.  

As time with the Air Force came to a close, a new serious phase and life shattering spiritual experience was about to happen.  My father was diagnosed with terminal lung and liver cancer and had six months left to live.  It was during these last 6 months of being with my amazing and spiritual father that I began to understand what living my life to the fullest was all about.  I will never forget his amazing and positive attitude.  My father set out verbal affirmations constantly in front of me and little did I know that this was my first lesson with manifestation.  His courage, strength, and undying faith that remained with my father during his entire sickness will never be forgotten.  Looking back, it was all meant to be a learning tool not only for his soul to reach enlightenment, but served as another layer of foundation for my spiritual path.  I’m so thankful for these experiences.

Right after my father’s death, I met my future husband two months afterward.  It was definitely fate.  No question about it.  We got married and had two amazing boys.  During these first two years of their lives, we were given another struggle yet to experience.  My oldest son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 1/2.  During these challenging years, I remember naturally looking to my inner faith for guidance.  I didn’t know at this time, that what I was doing was praying in my own way.  Not the way I was taught back in church or during my childhood with Buddhism, but in a different manner.  I could feel things, sense things, and dreams became more vivid.  I truly feel this was my mature awakening to my own spirituality. I was drawn to books on channeling, tarot, meditation, yoga, Spirit Guides, and past life regression.  I couldn’t read these books fast enough, and I was thirsty for more.  Books led me to different subjects and became almost my daily bibles to carry me through my early stages with me adjusting to life with my son's autism.  Before I knew it, I was being led to spiritual mentors, becoming certified in channeling through the teachings of Sanaya Roman, and performing readings and spiritual work in my home and over the phone.  

Since then, my spiritual journey has grown so much.  I have worked with clients doing a wide range of spiritual work:  meditation, manifestation, tarot, energy healing, and spiritual coaching.  I have been blessed to have witnessed so my clients' journeys and have seen so many transformations.  

Throughout all of these years of learning, I can honestly say how blessed I have been to have been given so many beautiful and challenging experiences so early on in my life.  I have learned to appreciate every religion, every perspective, and live life with an open mind.  Not every religion works for everyone.  This is what works for me.  I believe that it does not matter what your spiritual background is, the Universe and the Divine Source are always here ready to work with you when you are ready.  I’m here to guide you, help you focus, and help you channel this Divine energy source.  Thank you for sharing your amazing spiritual journey with me.

With Love,

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