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"Reiki is Love, Love is Wholeness, Wholness is Balance, Balance is Well Being, Well Being is Freedom from Disease." - Dr. Usui
So many people today are seeking to have more balance in their everyday lives. We live high paced lives that require for us to work longer, mange and juggle intense schedules, and push our bodies so much more on a physical level that leave us feeling depleted, stressed, and stagnant in life.  
Reiki opens up many possibilities for true healing on the mental, physical and spiritual level. Here are some of the benefits of Reiki:
  • Promotes Harmony & Balance
  • Releases Stress
  • Creates Relaxation
  • Dissolves Spiritual & Energy Blocks
  • Creates Energy Movement in the Body
  • Helps Relieve Pain & Promotes Healing
Reikione of the oldest forms of healing is performed by utilizing the hands to help work with the energy or, "Life Force" in our bodies.  This ancient practice was founded by the Reiki Master and Teacher, Dr. Miako Usui. He believes that Reiki is a Japanese word that describes "Universal Life Force."  

All sessions are 60 Minutes in length. I offer both in person and distant reiki. 


What you can expect from a session:

  • First 50 Minutes

    • Aura & Body Scan to detect any physical, mental and emotional imbalance of the soul and physical body that needs to be addressed

    • Grounding & Protection Work

    • Full Reiki & Chakra Alignment

    • Removal of Energy Blocks to Promote Energy Movement

    • Soul Cleanse with high quality Sprays to clear away all old energies for full release

    • Sound Bowels and Bells to help reset aura and energy

  • Last 10 Minutes

    • Discussion of Session

      • Discussion of any Intuitive messages and Specific areas that may need further focusing on 

*All Sessions include the use of any Crystals I feel are needed to enhance the Reiki Healing for the body and any Reiki Infused Sprays to help cleanse the Aura

Elaina K. 
is certified

  • Level 1 (2015)

  • Level II (2015)



Reiki Master Teacher's

Miranda Powell

Angelic Reiki Light Healing


Danielle Mai

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