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-Would you like to feel lighter in life?

-Do you feel that you are attracting the same energies in your life and don't know why?

-Do you feel depressed, angry, or have a bitter outlook on life because of old situations and don't know how to move on?

What if I told you I could help relieve all of that for you just by doing a simple Spiritual Cleanse?

"The Cleanse" is one of my most favorite services I offer.  I believe it is the basis to any Spiritual Transformation, Beginning to doing Spiritual Work, and and is imperative to have conducted on a regular basis.   

Spiritual Cleanses helps rid of any attached energies that you still have connected to you through what is called "Etheric Cords."  
These invisible energy lines connect to your Soul through experiencing Life Situations, Interactions with People, and Traumatic situations.  These are ways that we develop these energy lines and they can still remain intact unless we release them.


In this 90 minute session, you will receive the following:


1.  3 Card Pull to Receive Knowledge on What is to be Released

2.  "Soul Dump" Contract to ACKNOWLEDGE what you are Releasing

3.  The Cleanse is Performed


I will work with you to help you release any old energies that are attached to you.  Most clients that receive a Cleansing session will experience a multitude of emotions and physical fatigue for a moment, but will experience a lightness in their life right after.  I believe it is so important to have Spiritual Cleanses on a regular basis to help give you the clarity you deserve as you walk through life.  

If you are interested to book a session with me, please contact me at

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