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Sacred Moon Journey

Close up moon in woman's hands sunset on
"The Moon is a reminder that no matter what phase I'm in, I'm still whole."
- Author Unknown

There is a reason you are being called to this page....


The Moon is calling you to RECOGNIZE the inner desires of your soul; the inner work that you are ready to do; and to help you deepen your connection to SELF.  


Every month, we are invited by the Moon Goddess to awaken and connect to the deepest part of ourselves.  As the moon transforms itself from a thin sliver in the sky to a full fertile round moon, we can also recognize the natural rhythm's and changes that are happening within us.  


 There are so many blessings that the Moon provides.  We can harness her energy and tap into the fertile part of ourselves and manifest what we truly desire; see what no longer serves us and needs to be released; and provides a period to truly do "soul reflection" work to work on areas for healing.     

The "Sacred Moon Journey" class will help you to understand these powerful energies of the moon and how you can benefit from working with them.  

So why work with the moon?

Working with the moon is great for...

  • Manifesting New Energies and Abundance into your Life

  • Healing the Spiritual Wounds of the Past

  • Release Work

  • Shifting Your Personal Energy

  • Deepening your Spiritual Connection

  • Grounding Your Energy

  • Awakening your Personal Magical Power's

What will we cover in this Class?

This class covers 6 Units, helping you to deepen your understanding of the different energies of the moon and how you can work with them to manifest, release and do true inner work.

  • Unit 1

    • Your "Sacred Moon Journey" Contract & Commitment​

      • Pre-New Moon Work With Guided Video​

  • Unit 2

    • Moon Phases and the different types of Moons​

      • Pre-New Moon Work With Guided Video​

  • Unit 3

    • Rituals​

      • Pre-New Moon Work With Guided Video​

  • Unit 4

    • New Moon Work 

      • Recording of a previous "Live" class in Facebook Group

  • Unit 5

    • Full Moon Work​

      • Guided Video​

  • Unit 6

    • Reflection for the Dark Moon​​​​

      • Guided Video​

What can I expect to get from this class? 

After this class you will feel more confident with working with the moon, have a better understanding of the moon energies, and most important, you will have a deeper relationship with yourself.  

connecting with yourself with the guidance of the moon is a gift we have been given...are you ready?



Elaina K. offers this class every New Moon of each month.  

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