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Expand & Elevate

with Archangel Metatron

Thank you for being here and for learning all about the upcoming expand and elevate class.  

This is a class i am so excited about.  I specifically created this class with the amazing support and  help of archangel metatron.  archangel Metatron has been a huge part of my growth both spiritually and as a student of this world.  I have Gained a better understanding of how to trust the vision that i receive and understand how to properly organize my life in such a way that will allow me to receive energy with complete ease.  

in this class you will be guided to deepen your understanding of what it is you need to be honest about in your life right now.  you will also be guided though meditation, reiki alignment with archangel metatron  to better organize your system and vision work.  once we do this, we will be able to tap into all that is available to you and then help you to start working on a plan that is best aligned to you.  


the most important part of this is not only am i with you for the 2 hour class, you will have me for 28 days after plus a private community!!! 

What you will receive in this class:

  • a 2 hr guided class 

  • reiki/alignment work with archangel metatron

  • private community

  • vision and clarity work to create goals

  • goal setting for the month, week and daily tasks

  • learn how to create systems that work for "you" 


  • plus you will receive an additional 28 days with me for weekly check ins, daily questions for journal prompting and accountability work with your community!

are you ready to make 2021 your year?????  i am excited to have students in this class who are ready to get honest, want to make serious changes, get clear on their vision and commit to themselves!!!  I don't want just anyone, i want those who are coming with the intent of being ready for change!!!!

if all of this resonates, then click the link below to join!

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