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I have so many clients who are excited to kickstart their Spiritual Practice and get back on their path and want to work with me but the number one struggle many of them have is time!!!  
A lot of clients want a one stop shop experience and desire to work on multiple areas of their practice at once but can't afford realistically to come and see me multiple times.  
If this sounds like you, then "The Works" is a great service that can help you target multiple areas of your practice all at once in a 2 Hr. period.    
This service offers you a 2 Hr coaching session with me in the privacy of my home.  You will receive the following during your session:  
1.  30 Min Check In Reading
2.  Intensive Spiritual Cleanse
3.  Manifestation/Release Work, whichever one we both feel you need
4.  Spiritual Homework
"The Works" gives you the clarity you desire and the knowingness of where you are headed.  You will feel light, clear, and present after this session.  
If you are interested in working with me, please contact me at
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