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I am so happy you are here

I manifested You

Yes, read that again.

I M-A-N-I-F-E-S-T-E-D You.

When I created my Spiritual Business, I had no idea where it would take me, but I knew that I had a strong purpose.  

I wanted to help like Like-Minded souls just like You.  Wait, we need to back up just a bit, because I was You.

Life has not always been easy.  I have had every roller coaster experience you can think of and more.  From losing my father at the age of 22 to having my first child diagnosed with Autism, I have seen and been through a lot.  I spent years living life filled with exhaustion, fear and hopelessness.  I had nobody to turn to nor understand my deepest pain.  I felt very alone.


I also understood that I wasn't living a life of happiness even though to everyone else it looked like I had it all.

Truth is, I didn't have it together.

I was living a life filled with fear, hopelessness and no direction.  Somewhere along the way, my life experiences began to create a "false story" that life had to be hard and was never going to be easy and that being happy was only a fantasy for me & truth for others. I was diminishing my own


Deep down inside I knew this was wrong.  Call it a mid-life intervention from Spirit, but I heard a voice that said, "Your life can be so different.  You can be happy."  I knew that I had two choices:  to sink or swim.  I decide to swim and through the next decade and I dove deep in learning anything I could about self help.  This led me to the turning point in my life and the beginning of my Spiritual path. 


Me at the grounds of the Root Chakra of the world- Shasta

I committed to new way of life.  I created a practice and began to understand the relationship I had with ego and how I was limiting my life in so many ways.  I also saw  how valuable my past life experience's were and how every choice, regardless of how easy or hard its been, created the path I walked on.  I also developed a deep spiritual connection with the other side that has guided me to living a life filled with happiness, balance and purpose.

I was so excited for this new Life and to share it with everyone.  


I was ready to SHINE my Light to the World.


Meeting the amazing Gabby Bernstein!


Grounding Myself with the beautiful energy of the redwoods.

I had a vision and you were in it!

So back to the three years ago, I saw you in my Vision.  I saw myself guiding amazing souls who were looking for Spiritual Guidance, Connection, and Community.  I saw souls eager to learn about how to release old stories, find their truth and live a life that was filled with Happiness, Balance and Purpose.

I saw YOU.

So I got super clear on "HOW" I wanted to work with You and started to refine my focus and intention in my business. 

It is my clear intention to help you release your false stories in your life that have been holding you back from the living the best life ever!

How do we do this?  Through my 3 Step Process that has worked time and time again with my clients.  What I now know is are three things we need to do to align with our truth that will allow us to live the life we truly desire.  

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


This 3 Step Process is the back bone and foundation to all of my services whether it is an Intuitive Reading, a Reiki Session or even Coaching.  I have been guided by Spirit on my specific purpose and how I am here to help you.

Where Do I Begin???

Most people don't know where to begin, so we usually start with an Intuitive Reading to discover your Story, What's Holding you Back and to give you Spiritual Guidance in Your Life.  

Or maybe you're in need of some Spiritual Cleansing to help release some of the energy you are carrying in your life.  We can do this through my Energy Work Service.

Still life with magic crystal ball, pink



side view of calm young woman receiving


For those looking to deepen their Personal Development and dive into their Spiritual Practice, I have developed a more intensive line of services.  I offer everything from Coaching to Online Self-Paced classes.  


Carefree Happy Woman Enjoying Nature on



Office  desk table with cup of coffee, p
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