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More than ever, I am so excited about the topic of Manifesting!  Over the last decade, I have studied, practiced and developed a true understand of how anyone can tap into their true Manifestation Power with complete ease.  

So many people I talk to think that everything has to be lined up in life to be able to attract and manifest, but this is completely false.  Divine energy is available to us 24/7 and is ready for us to get honest, real and to clarify what it is we want in our lives.  At any point or time, we can manifest!  

Over the last year of my life, I hit a wall and knew things had to change.  I allowed myself the space to listen to the guidance and trusted to the wisdom I was receiving.  The steps I followed over this last year has helped me to gain the following in my life:

  • Deeper and healthier relationships

  • A love for self care and my well being

  • Falling in love with working out and understanding the importance of it

  • An ability to redirect my mindset when fear sets in

  • My business is growing stronger and I am attracting my ideal clients...everyday I am expanding

  • A love for life I have never had

  • Financial gains with complete Ease!

.....these are just some of the things that are happening!  This all started with a serious, heartfelt conversation with myself of what wasn't serving me and what I wanted to feel like everyday.  I wanted to wake up and feel passionate about my job again, surrender old limiting fears once and for all, and fall in love with myself again!  

I can say with 100% truth that I am here!  It can happen for you!!!!  

Your time to live your dream life is now.....

What you get:

When you sign up for this class you will receive:

  • A 2 hour LIVE Zoom class guiding you though my method to tap into your Manifestation Power covering

    • Gratitude Work

    • Surrendering your Fears and Limiting Beliefs

    • Gaining clarity of your true Vision

    • Meditation with Archangel Michael to help us release, surrender and create strong boundaries as we move forward in our Manifesting Journey

    • Meditation and guidance with Archangel Metatron to help us re-code our belief systems and design a clear vision

  • A private Facebook group and amazing community to share your journey with

  • Two bonus meditations to help you through your journey

  • Plus 11 Days of Journal prompts sent to you every morning in the facebook group to help deepen your manifestation energy!

I am ready to Manifest!

Here is what I can promise you:  I will show up, guide and support you through this class and journey.  I will help you awaken your Manifestation Power through meditations, spiritual connections and my knowledge.  I will help you see the limiting beliefs you have regarding your dream and show you how to release them.  

What I know is that you have to want this change and be ready to co-create with the Universe.  You have the POWER to take the first step and get honest with where you are at with your life.  This is the hardest part but you don't have to do this alone!!  

It is your birthright to receive and your Divine right to live a life filled with


I can't wait to work with you and help you on this amazing journey of yours!

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